Dra. A. Kasandra Putranto, Psychologist

1. January 1992
Graduate from Faculty of Psychology UNIVERSITY of INDONESIA (Curriculum before “Kurikulum Nasional with 158 credits as Psychologist)

2. June 1993
Completed Course at Indonesian University of Management :

Dra. Widiawati Bayu, Psychologist

1. 2000
License for Psychology Practice

2. 1992 – 1999
Faculty of Psychology, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta

Amanda Margia Wiranata, M.Si,. Psychologist

1. August 2001 – February 2005
– Indonesia University Master in Psychology Major: Child Development

2. July 1994 – August 2000
– Atma Jaya University Psychology Faculty concentration in general psychology.

RR. Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati, M.Si., Psychologist

To increase the mental health of every child and their family in Indonesia. As a child psychologist I’ll work through the children and helping the parents to understand their children. By doing that I hope we can reduced both the child and the parents or even the family’s stress and work out as one happy family.
Keys for Success:
· Integrity
· Ethics
· Communication
· Teamwork
· Continuous Improvement

Margaret Hhoman, M. Psi., Psychologist